Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Giveaway Tea for Two

Giveaway time.
I have a new paperback copy of the book Tea for Two by Trish Perry.

What is the book about?
Tea for Two is a faith-filled novel that explores the delight of second chances, warm friendship, and unexpected
romantic encounters.
Sadly for me Tea for Two just is not my cup of tea. It is not often that I like a romance sort of novel.
 But I think that does of you who do will enjoy this one.


Giveaway is open to US residents only
Giveaway will end on November 12
Winner will be chosen using a random org.
Leave a comment if you prefer coffee or tea when reading a book.  I prefer to drink tea when reading.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Whats for Supper

I made something really good
I had everything I needed to make homemade hoagies that is except for the bread.
So I decided to make a pizza dough and put the meat and cheeses on the dough and bake it.
Then I cut that up into squares and put my hoagie toppings on the one and topped it with the other.(like a sandwich)
Boy was it good everyone really liked these.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sante Celebrate Life Every Day

What a great motto. Everyone should celebrate life everyday. It is the little everyday pleasures that make living fun.

 A little back ground information on the company

Bowl of nuts
Like most good things, it all started in the kitchen.
Six years ago, Sara Tidhar found herself in a predicament. She had suddenly become a single mom and realized that to make ends meet, her stay-at-home status had to change. And quick.
So she did what came naturally: She started to cook. She hoped the comfort she felt at the stove would help her think of a way to continue putting food on the table. But it was her son who came up with the solution: “Mom, you should sell those nuts you make for us.”
 Sara had been making roasted nuts for her kids since they were little. She felt good about giving them a healthy snack, and the kids were crazy about them.
She’d learned her secret roasting technique from her grandmother, who’d made nuts in her tiny kitchen as a special treat for Sara and her cousins. Sara’s love of good seasonings had been passed down from her grandfather, who traveled the globe at the turn of the century as a spice trader. To Sara, it seemed right that her new profession would honor her connection to family.

My review of the nuts
All I can say is o my these were so good. I could not stop eating them.
The candied pecan ones tasted like the kind of nuts they have at festivals but better.
When I tried the garlic almonds my first thought was I am not going to like these.I was wrong about that they are good!

The nuts are so fresh.
That was the first thing I noticed when trying them, all the nuts were very fresh and crisp tasting.
The bags seal up nice and are easy to close.
There are very few broken nuts in the packages just nice fresh big whole pieces.
So I went to the Sante  website thinking  these are going to cost a pretty penny.
But the prices are good.
The price is even better for my blog readers because Sante is offering a discount of 25% on any order until December 16 2011.
Just enter the following code during check out. 2011-Blog-173
Believe me you are going to be nuts about these nuts. 

I received the above products to review and give my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

whats for supper

You are probably wondering  what this is well I forgot to take the picture before we ate.So I took a picture of what was left before I put it away. When we went food shopping a got a couple of small  packs of cut up pork on sale. I froze the one and was trying to decide what to do with the other and I found a pork and cabbage soup recipe. I had most of the ingredients and improvise the others and the soup it great.

So here is my recipe.

Pork and cabbage soup

 cubed boneless pork any amount between 1/2 pound -3/4 pound
2 cups of cut up carrots
1 cup celery cut in small pieces
1 medium size chopped onion
4 cups chopped white cabbage
 1 medium potato peeled and cubed
2 cloves chopped garlic

1/4 cup brown sugar
 1 cup diced tomatoes can or fresh
4 cups chicken broth
28 oz can crushed  tomatoes
1 teaspoon black pepper 

brown the pork pieces if some pieces are larger than others cut them up you want the pieces to be in the same size range so that the cook the same.
sweat the vegetables (do not sweat the tomatoes ) about 5 minutes until soft
then stir in the brown sugar
add the diced tomatoes chicken broth and crushed tomatoes season with the black pepper.
let simmer on stove about 2 hours.
This is a nice hearty soup great  meal. with some homemade bread and salad

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh I hate that

I bought a button shirt last year a expensive one. I got it on clearance of course.
But here is the thing the shirt is nice and soft and comfortable. But I can only wear it around the house.
Why because every time I wear it the buttons pop open and I do not mean just one. No all of them.
I just went out on the porch and my shirt was wide open.
I could see if the shirt was tight or something but it fits great.  Oh well I guess it could be worse at least I always wear a bra so I can't really scare anyone.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

whats for Supper

We had baked chicken breast with corn homemade rolls and potatoes
 I did something a little different with the potatoes 
I sliced up a medium size onion and saute it in some butter then tossed in sliced potatoes and some sour cream and seasoned with salt and pepper.
Then I covered the pan and baked them in the oven with the chicken. It was good. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October food shopping

Spent $98.41 at the grocery store for food this week
$10.60 for Pizza
spent $125.20 on groceries this week
$10.60 for lunch
Spent $63.12 on groceries this week
Spent $89.78 for groceries  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Coupon Giveaway

I have lots of coupons that I will never use.
So I decided to have a little giveaway for them. Over 200 coupons for lots of different items most of the coupons expire at the end of November a couple might expire sooner and a few later.
Whats ups with that ? It seems like coupons expire a lot sooner than they use to, and you never see ones with no expiration date anymore.

Giveaway will end Oct 14 and is open to US residents only.
Winner will be chosen using a random org.
To enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me about one of your favorite deals.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

whats for supper

Homemade cream of broccoli soup and a good hot dog.
I have learned over the years never boil my hot dogs yucky, and not to waste  money on cheap hot dogs . I wait until good ones go on sale.
The two brands that we really like are Hebrew National and Nathans,
If you have not tried these two next time they are on sale at your local store give them a try you will not be disappointed.