Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review Heelys shoes

I always loved skating. So I was very excited when I got the chance to work with  B2B to review a pair of Heelys.
In case you do not know what Heelys are they are shoes with wheels that can be installed to make them into very comfortable heel style skate  shoes.
Heelys come in a large selection of styles for everyone.
I got the wave style in gray and pink.
The shoes are made well and have good support. Great walking shoes.Very comfortable.
Before installing the skate portion of the shoe I watched the slide shoe on the website Skate 101
It was very easy to understand and informative and for those of you who are more adventurous the site has all kinds of tricks to try.
Now I was ready to install my wheels. I am probably the most un mechanical  inclined person around just ask my husband.
So lets see how I did.
I was able to get the plug out right away very simple to do.
I was able to get the wheel in easily.
I had trouble removing the wheel had to get my husband to help me with that part.
Now I have skated before but doing heelys is different from skating because you have to lift up the front of your feet.So that you are skating on your heels
So this is going to take me a good while to get the hang of. But the good part about learning to use the heelys is that when you put your foot down you stop. I love that.
Now I am older and my kids are grown up. But if they were younger I would buy them a pair. Heelys are a great way to get exercise have fun  and would be very easy for a child to learn to do. Great low cost family fun.

 I got the one wheel heelys they also come with two wheels. Two wheels are better for a beginner. I am still working on getting comfortable with the one wheel ones. I would recommend any one that is out of shape or who is use to skates to get the two wheel shoes. You do not have to balance yourself has much. This is the hardest part for me to get use to.
I have been trying my heelys on and off for a couple of weeks and I am not ready to go heely yet. But when I do I will post a picture of me heely.

I received a pair of Heelys to review and give my opinion. No other compensation was received  All opinions in the post are mine.


Blake Anderson said...

I love skating so this shoes is perfect for me. I'm sure it'll be so fun to stroll around the mall with these shoes.

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